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What you get
  • Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL - Sub 7kg)
Key Features
  • 2 Days practical training + Self Study
  • Flexible timetable (if required)
  • 3 Months Free OzRunways Subscription


What you get
  • Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL - Sub 7kg)
  • Radio Licence (AROC)
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Skill Set Certificate (AVISS00074)
Key Features


What you get
Key Features

What our students say

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Interactive Online Classroom - Part 1

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Interactive Online Classroom - Part 2

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Get your RePL in Newcastle

Looking to get your RePL aka Drone pilots licence in the Newcastle? Ace Aviation is the number 1 drone training provider in Australia. With Ace Aviation, you can get your Remote Pilot Licence sooner than you think with some of the cheapest prices in the industry. Come and train with the best in business and get your drone pilot’s licence aka CASA approved RePL in Newcastle with Ace Aviation.

Please Note

Ace Aviation believes in delivering the highest quality of RPAS training in the industry. All our RePL programs are not a 1 Day Training Session!

We believe that in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum to meet CASA standards and to become a competent drone pilot, the program requires 5 days to complete. We also offer FREE 1-on-1 coaching for students who needs extra help to complete the course. 

We also offer a FREE unlimited refreshers training program to brush up on any topics to stay current.

We are always just a call away if you need any assistance or clarification with any of our courses.

Our branding, content and strategies may appear similar to some of our competitors, please check that you are on www.aaa.edu.au to avoid any confusions.

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