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RePL Online

$ 1495
  • Online Self Study + 2 Days Field Training

  • Remote Pilot's Licence
    (RePL Online - Sub 7kg)
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)

RePL Inclass

$ 2495
  • 5 Days in Class - Face to Face

  • Remote Pilot’s Licence (RePL -Sub 7kg) Face2Face
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)
  • 30 Min Manned Flight*


$ 2995
  • Online Self Study + 2 Days Field Training

  • Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL Online - Sub 7kg)
  • Express ReOC**
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)
  •  Express ReOC** (Includes CASA Fees)
Best Value


$ 3695
  • 5 Day in class - Face to Face

  • Remote Pilot's Licence - (RePL - Sub 7kg) Face2Face
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)
  •  Express ReOC** (Includes CASA Fees)
  • 30 Min Manned Flight*


$ 4995
  • 5 Days in Class - Face to Face

  • Remote Pilot's Licence - (Sub 25kg) Face to Face
  •  Certificate III in Aviation (AVI30316)
  • Radio Licence (AROC +AELP)
  •  Express ReOC** (Includes CASA Fees)
  • 30 Min Manned Flight*

Ace Aviation is Committed to Excellence

All our Inclass courses (Bronze, Gold & Platinum) would include the Certificate III in Aviation as a part of Ace Aviation’s initiative to develop highly skilled pilots graduating from Ace Aviation Aerospace Academy.

Upcoming Dates



RePL Training Program, Cairns

29 April (Monday) – 5 May (Friday)



RePL Training Program, Brisbane

7 May (Tuesday) – 11 May (Saturday)



RePL Training Program, Sydney

13 May (Monday) – 17 May (Friday)

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Specilisation Courses​

Become a specialist operator today

RePL for CASA Pilots Holders
(PPL/CPL) Course

now only $799


Ace Aviation is THE best place to do your course if you’re looking to fly RPA’s. They are friendly and informative. I cannot recommend them enough!

Danielle Raffin

Great team, great RePL course. The flight in the EuroFox on the last day topped it off and am now thinking about a pilot license too. Thanks guys!

Kieran Richardt

I completed the modules online and attending a two day training and testing course to complete my RePL and AROC. I was very happy with all aspects of the training and instruction. The venue was wonderful.

Nardia Guillaumier

RePL course completion …..A Great thankful to Ace Aviation ( specially thanks to Gabriel Olivares & Thomas Chandler)

Manish Singh

The instructors at Ace Aviation are very experienced and impart both valuable practical and theoretical lessons to their students. Highly recommended.

En Khong

It was really interesting to learn lots of things related to the air space and how to be aware of many things but the passion and knowledge that Gabriel put into the training was great very patient, great listener and smart guy also listen to the other students the knowledge they have and interact as well with them was good

Alexis Aveleyra

** Our course fees for the Silver, Gold & Platinum would include the Express ReOC fees of $1680 to CASA or its Authorised Delegates.

*Manned flight experience is only available at Brisbane campus

All our courses include AROC and AELP.

Certificate III in Aviation (AVI30316) would include 4 weeks of online self study.

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