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We're on a mission to make drone flying accessible to everybody.

Our History

Ace Aviation (Ace) was established in 2016. The company is headed by CEO Mark Viswanathan who comes from an Aviation and Aerospace background. Since its inception in 2016, the company has seen a massive growth and has expanded nationally and internationally. Ace now has footprints in 4 strategic locations across Asia.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Ace has trained over 3,000 drone pilots through 3 main customer channels – B2B, B2C and B2G.


Notably, in its B2C segment, Ace has trained over 600 international student visa holders in the Certificate III in Aviation (Visual Line of Sight), a vocational qualification that is highly regarded in the industry.


In its B2B and B2G segments, Ace has secured training projects both domestically and internationally across different industries that rely on drones for various commercial applications. These applications range from process streamlining to asset inspection, surveying and search and rescue. Some of ACE’s most respectable clients include Queensland Chief Scientists, Griffith University, Engineering council of India, TAFE, State Emergency Services – Adelaide and Public Utilities Board Singapore.

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We're Global

Ace envisages that drones will play a game changing role to one of Oceania’s most important industries – Agricultural and farming. Since 2017, Ace has forged a strategic alliance with X-Aircraft, the world’s leading agricultural drone manufacturer along with Bayer and Landmark to roll out smart agricultural solutions across Oceania and Asia.

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The Future of Drones

Being a relatively new player in the industry, Ace is proud to have contributed and taken the Australian RPAS training to a global scale. In the next 2-3 years, Ace is committed to 2 major goals:  1. establish its presence in more domestic and international locations; and 2. To continue guiding and funding the launch of “DroneWork”, a pilot job match making platform that aims to create more jobs in the global RPAS industry through connecting commercial jobs with professional RPAS operators.


Ace also firmly commits to continually supporting the safety and compliance aspect of the RPAS industry. As a training provider, it will continue its current initiative of providing manned flight experience to its trainees to learn and apply the safety concepts into real world scenarios.  Ace also runs complimentary compliance workshops for trainees who aspire to become chief remote pilots within the RPAS industry.


Today, Ace has transitioned from a small training institute to a reputable and culturally diverse organisation in Australia. We are proud of our achievements and humbly thank all our stakeholders, both past and current, for their contributions towards our exciting growth journey. 

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