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Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate
CASA Approved
Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate
CASA Approved

Who needs an AROC?

People who typically need an AROC include ground handlers, B1 and B2 licensed aircraft maintenance engineers who operate radios when taxiing or towing  aircraft or testing aircraft radios, RPAS operators, some aerodrome personnel and some people involved in emergency service operations.


You will need an AROC if you intend to transmit on an aeronautical radio frequency and are not authorised under other rules including:


  • Part 61 – student pilots, holders of a recreational pilot licence with a flight radio endorsement, holders of private, commercial, multi-crew pilot and air transport pilot licences
  • Part 65 – holders of an air traffic controller licence, ATC licence trainees and holders of a flight service licence
  • Part 139 – certified air/ground radio operators
  • Sport aviation – authorised by a sport aviation organisation in accordance with the relevant legislation. Note, the authorisation might be limited to those operations.

One aeronautical radio licence for multiple industries


If your working in an airport environment as a ground crew, you required an AROC.


Drone pilots are nowadays required to hold an AROC to be able to compliently operate in a commercial setting.

AvGas Refuelers

Aircraft refuelers both in small and large airport environments require an AROC.


You need an AROC if you are looking to secure a role as a loadmaster for an aircraft.

Airport Pit Crew

AROC is an essential requirement for crew working inside an airport as a pit crew. This could be all the way from maintenance engineers to pushback crew.

Rescue Swimmers

If you are working as a surf lifesaver and looking to communicate with Helicopters, AROC is essentia.


Public safety operations such as fire, police and ambulance who closely work in the aviation environment require an AROC.

Baggage handlers

If you are a baggage handler and working inside an airport environment, you need an AROC.

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