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Completion Assurance Plan (CAP)

The Completion Assurance Plan, also known as CAP, is an industry exclusive program created by Ace Aviation. We are proud to offer this unique benefit to all of our current and future students to achieve a high course completion success rate. This program is designed to enable students to receive maximum support during their studies (see points below) so that they are able to successfully finish their course without worry. Our aim is to provide high quality training, support and personalised coaching both during the course and even after graduation for continuous learning.

"We're here with you every step of the way to ensure your success"

How is this done?
  • 24/7 Live Academic Chat Support
  • Free Theory refresher classes (up to 5 years) (Even after graduation)
  • Free Practice flight training & skills enhancement (Even after graduation)
  • A strong student support network chat platform
  • Free 1-on-1 Coaching Support
  • A phone call way from trainers for advice & support
  • Ongoing student support for compliance and day to day operations.
  • Unrivaled student benefits
    • Drone and other equipment pricing
    • Educational pricing on software’s
    • Student discount at retail outlets
    • Assistance with drone insurance
    • Assistance finding jobs
    • And much more

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Student Reviews

What our students say

A huge thank you to Richard, David and Mark for your help, guidance, training and direction with completing the REPL course, the venue, Yarra Eltham College could only be commended for friendly staff and hospitality; the four day course and instruction was extremely enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend to any person looking to complete a similar course. The CAP program was an ESSIENTAL for me to pass the course without stressing!....Thanks ACE!!!
Julian M
The course location was good with a relaxed atmosphere and trainer was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I really got the support i needed through Ace Aviation. TOP NOTCH SUPPORT!!!
Mark K
I completed the modules online and attending a two day training and testing course to complete my RePL and AROC. I was very happy with all aspects of the training and instruction. The venue was wonderful.
Nardia G
It was really interesting to learn lots of things related to the air space and how to be aware of many things but the passion and knowledge that Gabriel put into the training was great very patient, great listener and smart guy also listen to the other students the knowledge they have and interact as well with them was good. I was also able to pick up the phone and ring the trainers when i was studying and got the help i needed.
Alexis A
Ace Aviation is THE best place to do your course if you’re looking to fly RPA’s. They are friendly and informative. I cannot recommend them enough!
Danielle R
Great team, great RePL course. The flight in the EuroFox on the last day topped it off and am now thinking about a pilot license too. Thanks guys!
Kieran L
The instructors at Ace Aviation are very experienced and impart both valuable practical and theoretical lessons to their students. Highly recommended.
En K
I highly recommend using Ace Aviation for RePL training. Gabriel is an outstanding coach who is extremely supportive and dedicated to ensuring students are competent in all aspects of training.
Peter K
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