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ReOC Consultation Service

Who is this course designed for?

If you want to operate commercially in Australia or operate beyond the standard operative conditions (SOC), you need something called a Remote Operative Certificate (ReOC). Without this certification, you won’t be able to operate commercially and charge your clients a fee for service as a commercial drone operator.


Whether you are an individual looking to start your own RPA business or a company looking to incorporate drones into your core existing operations, this program is tailored to meet your needs.


Our consultation services will help you obtain the ReOC to operate commercially in Australia and go beyond standard operate in situations where just an RePL licence holder or an excluded category operator can’t operate.

What does our service include?

ReOC consultation process includes the preparation of all the documentations and submission to CASA.


We also will look after the application fees for the ReOC which is approx. $1670 payed on your behalf as apart of the consultation fees.

Why get a ReOC?

  1. Go beyond the standard operation conditions (upon approval)
  2. Conduct operations at night time
  3. Seek permission to fly closer 15 meters closer to people
  4. Request for permissions to operate in restricted areas.
  5. Seek Area Approval (CASR 101.030) –
    • Above 400FT AGL in controlled airspace
    • Above 400FT AGL in non-controlled airspace
  6. Seek RPA Permission (CASR 101.080) –
    • Operations within 3NM of a controlled aerodrome
    • Operate over a movement area of a controlled aerodrome
    • Operate over a movement area of non-controlled aerodrome
    • Operate over the approach or departure path of a runway of a controlled aerodrome
    • Operate above 400FT AGL within 3NM of a controlled aerodrome
    • Operate above 400FT AGL within 3NM of a non-controlled aerodrome
  7. Seek approval to conduct swarm operations
  8. Apply for approvals from CASA fly Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLoS)
  9. Apply for approvals from CASA to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLoS)
  10. Apply for Aviation grade insurance.


Without a ReOC you won’t be able to do any of the above type of operations and will be very limited to what you can do with the services you can provide.

The process involved

Ace Aviation specialises in training candidates for success. Our aim is to provide quality consultation services and help you from start to finish.

Whether you are a company or an individual applying for an ReOC, we will work with you as a partner to understand your business and provide a personalised service suited to your needs.

We don’t just offer advice, we also help prepare the requisite paperwork for your ReOC.

Our RPA consultation team will get in touch with you and will work closely to understand your business, plans etc and request documents to start work on your ReOC.

The ReOC will be tailored to suit your operational needs and the way you wish to operate inline with civil aviation standards.

We will have the ReOC application (Includes Manuals, libraries, evidences & forms) ready for submission and the whole process is expected to take less than 3 -4 weeks for you to start operating commercially.

*the 3 -4 week timeline is subject to how quick you submit all the required documentations from your end including the RePL licence received from CASA.

Get your ReOC today and start operating commercially

$2499 - Standalone

$2299 when bundled with Bronze

$1999 when bundled with Silver

This service is automatically included in the Gold course

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