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Dji Spark – Meet your new travel partner

DJI has recently announced their answer to portable, I mean, a seriously portable camera with a 2-Axis gyroscopically stable gimbal mounted camera.

Although we know DJI means business & ticks all the boxes when it comes to featuring state of the art features and built quality, Dji has taken a very futurist approach to revolutionize the consumer drone industry!

The answer: Dji Spark! A tiny little powerful pocket rocket which is here to put the humble selfie stick to shame!

For those who love tech & gadgets, this is a must have master piece!!

I have travelled across the globe with various cameras & drones with special hard casing followed by a little fanny pack- Dji Mavick pro and i must admit, I always dreamt of a smaller yet powerful toy with a same level of sophistication and reliability.

The new DJI spark perfectly ticks all those boxes given its portability, power & performance.

Here at ACE AVIATION, we believe in empowering everyone with a great learning tool.

We are formally announcing that every ACE AVIATION student who takes up the RePL + ReOC package will be equipped with a COMPLIMENTARY DJI Spark.

Enrol in one of our RePL courses at our Brisbane campus and ace the skies today!

The RePL program designed by CASA is a very powerful tool for you to hit sky professionally.

Further, CASA (Our Civil Aviation Safety Authority) has taken a very realistic approach to come up with an app powered by Drone complier to let you check where you can take off safely with your drone without interfering with manned aircrafts.

CASA’s new OFFICIAL app, ‘Can I fly there?’

Fly Safer. Make sure you avoid all those Airports, Helipads and areas with low flying helicopters and planes with just a quick GPS look up!

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