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Getting my Licence

To fly commercially, you need to possess either a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) or what is called Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Certification. Ace Aviation offers you RPAS Certification as a Certificate III Course. As a certified professional, you can have Public Liability Insurance which is required to avoid penalties from CASA which can be up to $8,000. Our course is run over 7 days and gives you training in safe operating conditions as well as training with qualified pilots experienced in the same field.

The sky is the limit. You might be looking to get a Remote Pilot Certification to boost your photography, video or film business. Or, you might be a surveyor seeking to boost productivity and reduce costs. Or, you might just love flying and seek a career in the rapidly expanding market for remote pilots. In almost any industry there career is potential for remote piloted systems and training now will get your foot in the door quickly. This industry is expanding rapidly and the commercial drone industry is projected to be worth over $4.8 billion dollars globally by 2021.

The current minimum age to gain a CASA Remote Pilot Licence is 17.

The UAV industry is still in its infancy but is already growing rapidly. Globally the civilian sector is expected to more than double in 10 years to more than $10 billion and we see Australia is growing more rapidly than the rest of the world. Career options are still developing, however there seems to be two streams of job opportunties: The first is for dedicated pilots. These jobs involve major travel, can be across many industries and require specific skills and risk assessments. The second career options are support roles such as cinematographers, photographers, asset inspection engineers, surveyors and agriculturalists. There is also rapid development of new technologies which provides UAVs with new and exciting capabilities.

Flying drones commercially is very different to flying a microdrone around your house or drone racing at the park on the weekend. Many people soon realise that equipment for commercial work can be very expensive (some of our drone systems are worth well over $20,000) and pilots need to be highly skilled to make sure the drones return intact and with all the data they need. This why Ace Aviation trains students across 4 days so when you finish your course, you don’t just get a piece of paper, you get skills in a real world of opportunities. To begin with, we recommend that you purchase a simple, inexpensive UAV and practice. Over time you will get a feel for the controls and gradually develop the skills you will build in the course.

A Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) is a nationally recognised qualification. Ace Aviation is the only training institute in Australia registered with Australia Qualifications Framework. We impart you with comprehensive knowledge of drones, how they operate, maintenance and understanding all air laws in Australia. It is essential to have the knowledge and a valuable certification to find a job in the UAV industry.

An ARN is the license number issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to all pilots who operate in Australian airspace. You will be required to obtain an ARN before the final certificate can be issued. Ask Ace Aviation if you need assistance obtaining your ARN.

We offer manufacture and type conversion training for pilots who hold a current manned aviation pilots licence. Get in contact with us today to discuss your options.


On the Day

We sure do. You can now make installments right up to your course date. You can pay either via ZeeFi or Ezidebit for payment plans.

From time to time we offer discounts and promotions. Keep a look out on our Facebook and our Google listing for our latest promotions. 

For all our students, we offer student prices for our drone store, Hovershack. Get in touch once you’ve signed up for more information.

We accept Paypal, Credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and installments. Just a heads up, we do charge 1.3% for all payments with card and PayPal. Sorry, no cash, who does that these days 🙄

Sorry, that’s just not how we roll. We require all payments to be settles 7 days before your course starts.

We offer our student the ability to pay with ZeeFi (previously Study Loans) To find out more, visit the ZeeFi website.

Adequate drinking water on the days of practical training. In the practical exam you can bring your personal aircraft if approved by the Ace Aviation instructor. Please contact Ace Aviation if you intend to bring your own craft.

Yes, as a requirement, you have to complete this exam. This exam cannot be included as part of the RPAS training course at this stage due to CASA restrictions. You must book separately at a local examination centre. The exam takes approximately 10 minutes and is verbal only. Ace Aviation can also assist you in organising this exam.

No, we provide all the equipment you require to fly for the course. If you are thinking of buying a drone, we recommend you wait until completing the course. Through the course you will gain experience of using different UAVs for different applications and you will then be able to make an informed decision of which drone best suits your needs.

This will all depend on the location you have selected in the enrollment process. We’ll email you when you select your dates with the location in the city you have chosen.

ReOC Application

The earlier you submit the better. As long as you have the information and documents ready, you can upload them on your student portal account provide you a list of pending information and documents.

Yes. It is a legal document that need signature. ACE AVIATION staff will send you a filled-out application and nomination form. Authorised person will be asked to sign on sections as per instruction.

As of today, CASA only accepts drivers licence and passport as valid ID related to proof of identity.

ACE AVIATION will send you a notification via email that all information and documents have been submitted to CASA Delegate for review. You will also get another notification from CASA Delegate that your application is under review.

No. ACE AVIATION will only submit your application to CASA Delegate if all requirements (information and documents) have been submitted completely.

Regular processing time is 6 to 8 weeks upon confirmation from CASA Delegate that application has started.

Only the director/CEO are authorized to sign the application and nomination form.

You have to submit an ASIC Extract that shows the name of the Director/Authorised signatory of the company.

Yes. It is a requirement of CASA to have all signatories in the application to have a personal ARN.

Send the copy of letter from CASA when you received the approval of ARN to [email protected]

Send an email to [email protected] and expect to receive a reply within 24 business hours.

Send an email to [email protected] and expect a confirmation that information has been changed within 24 business hours.

You can have a free refresher training prior to the CASA phone interview or the scenario-based assessment. Send an email to [email protected] to confirm on when you can attend and sit down in one of the classes.

Once initial ReOC was approved, you need to directly contact CASA on or before the 12th month of approval for renewal. CASA will perform an audit with your operations manual and library.

Yes. CASA will provide you with details of the amount that you have to pay for the audit and renewal.

No. All transactions for ReOC renewal is directly between you and CASA.

Yes. But it is also better that you contact CASA before hitting the 12th month of the initial approval.

Your ReOC can be terminated. This will require you to re-apply it like a new application.

No. You can only include drones that you have in hand or will be operating the soonest.

Newer models will come out in the future and there will be a big chance that you will change your purchase plans in the future.

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