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What is this Scholarship all about?

Ace Aviation has taken the initiative to assist students to help align with the futuristic work practices and enable them to find pathways to a new career.


This means that you are now able to secure a grant on our courses.



Is it hard to qualify?

No! In 2021, around 85% of our students have already qualified and completed their course with the assistance of ACE Scholarship.

How does it work?

If you are interested to apply for the scholarship, please use the eligibility checker form above.



Once you are deemed eligible, we will put you in touch with a career consultant at Ace Aviation. You will work closely with the career consultant and focus on your work experience, strengths and preferences to arrive at a conclusion on which course is right for you!



Finally, your career consultant will work with you to advice you on a favorable pathway for you to choose from. During this time, the career consultant will advise you of the eligible grant amount prior to your enrolment with us!


All this is made available to you free of cost! 

*Indicated prices are subjected to grant type eligibility and does not reflect the final course fee payable by students

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