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Remote Pilot Licence Program (RePL) for PPL/CPL holders

Course Description

This program is specially designed for manned fixed wing aircraft/helicopter pilots who hold an Australian PPL/CPL to seamlessly obtain their RePL.

As a holder of a CASA flight crew licence, you are only required to complete the practical component.

The breakdown:

  • Theory (Exempted for CASA flight crew licence holders)
  • Practical- 5Hrs of flight training (Required)
  • Field tests & Exams (Required)

We have designed this course for CASA flight crew licence holder to easily become a part of the RPA industry.

The Remote pilot’s licence, opens up a world of opportunities and sets you up to become a complaint operator.

With an RePL, you can:

  • Set up your own RPA business & operate RPA’s over 2kgs commercially. (Which most professional RPAS are!)
  • Request for approvals for non- standard operations from CASA.
  • Fly at night,
  • Be insured,
  • Much more…

What you'll learn

In this course, we cover the following topics:

  • LiPo Battery management
  • RPA related risk management & Flight planning
  • Electrical systems in a RPA.
  • General DIY maintenance.
  • Flight dynamics of an RPA.
  • Field training: General Flight training- Multirotor
  • Field training: Advanced manoeuvres training- Multirotor
  • Risk management

What are the outcomes?

You will not only become a competent RPA operator, but you will receive the following:

  • RePL Licence
  • ReOC Consultation
  • Ozrunways software training.
  • Certificate of course completion. (Enables you RPL into Cert 3 in aviation)

What’s next after this course?

After this program, you may wish to do the following specialisations and obtain higher type ratings through CASA.

  • Mapping & Surveying Specialisation (Incl. Sub 7kgs type training on a fixed wing RPA)
  • Photo & Film Specialisation

You can combine the above specialisations with the RePL course.   

Why Ace Aviation?

Ace aviation academy has been commissioned to cater to both domestic & international students who come to train with us from all over the world.

Quality & compliance is paramount to us and we go that extra mile to make it happen.

  • All our trainers come from aviation background and are highly experienced! (From manned aircraft pilots to Aerospace engineers.)
  • Our teaching is not just limited to covering CASA’s syllabus.
    • We teach you how to Flight Planning (Risk management for VLOS operators)
    • How to use state of the art EFB, Oz runways.
    • How to stay complaint during day to day operations.
    • Teach you how to make REAL radio calls to the control tower (our manned flight experience)
    • Provide you with the “Free refreshers class option” where you can come and join our regular classes for free if you are in doubt.
    • Student pricing on Drones which no one else offers.




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What's Included
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