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Course Description

This program is specially designed for individuals who wish to join the rapidly growing drone/unmanned aerial systems industry. After completing this course, students will be highly proficient in the professional operation of drone technology.


We have designed this course in such a way that individuals, regardless of background, can complete their training at our campus in 1 day.


The course is comprised of two components:

  • Theoretical study
  • Practical training (2 hours of practical flying with flight logs)

If you are a drone novice and looking to test the water to get a feel for light commercial operations or just looking to learn how to operate drones safely for recreational purposes, this is the right course for you!

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This course is perfect for:

  • School & University Students
  • New drone owners
  • Light commercial operators
  • Professional Development

What would you learn?

The rules for drone operations in Australia is becoming stricter and stricter! Getting airborne means, you are going to be operating in the backyard of Australian Airspace!

By taking this course, you will not only let you gain the knowledge to operate safety, you also will have the basic knowledge of the do’s and don’ts’s which will enable you avoid heft fines!

We have designed this course in such a way that it will teach you the following key topics:

  • Drone overview
  • Does & Don’ts
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Air Laws & Regulations
  • LiPo Battery Management & Care
  • Airspace & Aeronautical Map interpretation
  • Basic flight planning
  • Pre & Post flight inspection protocols
  • Aircraft Systems & Sub systems
  • Principles of flight
  • Human Factors

What will you be eligible for?

You will also be eligible for the following upon the completion of the course:

  • A certification of competency * (not just an attendance / participation certificate)
  • Eligible to enter our fast track RePL program at a reduced rate (Pathway to becoming a commercial drone operator)
  • 12 months membership with the Australian Association of Unmanned Systems (AAUS)
  • Drone insurance




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Course Method

Face to Face


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Please Note

Ace Aviation believes in delivering the highest quality of RPAS training in the industry. All our RePL programs are not a 1 Day Training Session!

We believe that in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum to meet CASA standards and to become a competent drone pilot, the program requires 5 days to complete. We also offer FREE 1-on-1 coaching for students who needs extra help to complete the course. 

We also offer a FREE unlimited refreshers training program to brush up on any topics to stay current.

We are always just a call away if you need any assistance or clarification with any of our courses.

Our branding, content and strategies may appear similar to some of our competitors, please check that you are on www.aaa.edu.au to avoid any confusions.

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