CRP & ReOC Training Workshop

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  • Last Update: 07/2020

Who is this course for?

This is an ABSOLUTELY essential course designed for individuals who have completed their RePL course with us and planning to obtain their ReOC to operate commercially already is a chief remote pilot or an organisation.

Why do this course?

Becoming a chief remote pilot of an ReOC means understanding CASA’s compliance requirements is a pivotal element to keep operating compliantly and to remain in business. This course has been designed to educate RePL licence holders to successfully pass the initial interview to obtain their ReOC successfully and understand the ReOC requirements for ongoing compliance.


Upon finishing this course, we are confident that you will not only operate confidently but will also be prepared for any audits if conducted by CASA.


During early April 2020, the new Part 101 Manual of Standards for Unmanned Aircraft and Rockets became active and currently in effect as we speak. This new Manual of Standards (MoS), has introduced a wide range of new rules, requirements and responsibilities compared to what was in force prior to the introduction of MoS which all RPAS pilots should be absolutely aware of especially if you are planning on becoming a chief remote pilot or currently a chief remote pilot of a small business or organisation.


This course will take you through what is required by CASA for all ReOC holders in order to remain compliant with the current regulations and will familiarise you with the new manual of standards.

What do we teach?

  • Familiarity of the role of the Chief Remote Pilot
  • Familiarity with Operations Manual and Operations Library
  • Familiarity with CASR 1998 Part 101
  • Preparing for the CASA ReOC interview
  • Understanding and reading charts and documentation (advanced)
  • Understanding NOTAMS.
  • Lodging NOTAMS
  • Understanding and Completing Risk Control Worksheet
  • Familiarity with CASA requirements in permissions and approvals.
  • ReOC Structure and Reporting Lines
  • Pilot inductions and onboarding
  • Night Flight Requirements and training methodologies
  • Procedures for Operations around a controlled and a non controlled Aerodromes
  • Procedures for Operations above 400ft AGL in a controlled and non controlled airspace
  • Job Safety Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Completing flight authorisations
  • Creating and managing an aviation CRM for ongoing compliance

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