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Aerial Filming with RPA Course

Course Description

Boasting an impressive perspective boost, the latest technology and software are incorporated into this innovative course. If you wish to fine tune your technique and step up to fly like a pro, this course is the best move and the first step you should take to become a semi-professional/professional UAV aerial videographer. To differentiate your skills from the competition and designed for the keen flyer, this course examines advanced flight manoeuvres and technique. One on one, hands on format allows the student to receive custom instruction from trainers.

The breakdown:

  • Theory
  • Practical- 2Hrs of flight training
  • Field tests
  • Special location filming

Why This Course?

Why get this Specialization

This specialization is the Industry’s first & only program to equip you with all the licences, certifications & training available to incorporate a superior technological advantage into your deliverables.


After completion of this course you can:

  • Operate top of the line and industry standard gear
  • Obtain stunning footage for your clients/projects

What are the outcomes?

  • Certificate of course completion

What do we teach?

  • Introduction to aerial camera work
  • Digital cameras supported
  • Limitations of aerial footage
  • Using in camera settings to get best results
  • Video Software introduction
  • Cinematic techniques
  • Location scouting and assessment
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Flying techniques for best video results
  • Master – Slave controllers


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