Why Blended Learning?

ACE the Skies with this futuristic learning method

ACE Aviation Introduces Blended RePL Program!

Why did we take this Approach?

1. Better than just an ONLINE RePL Course!

During a recent survey , we discovered that students felt more confident with the Aviation theory when it was thought in class!


Key topics which are pivotal to your RPAS operations cant be mastered with out help from the experts!

Topics such as:

– Interpretation on VTC/ Aviation Maps

– Aviation Risk Assessment 

– LiPo battery management & Care

– RPAS Flight Planning for compliant operations etc etc..


Can’t be easily mastered via online learning which is paramount for you to pass the interview to obtain your ReOC and operate COMPLIANTLY!


2. What are the benefits as compared to Just
learning AVIATION theory online?

Some times, what you pay is what you get!

A quick “One Day” RePL online program means you are missing out on important topics prescribed by CASA to obtain your RePL and become a knowledgeable RPA operator! 


With our blended learning approach, we get you to pre-study basic topics which are fairly easy to understand! 


You are in control as to how long you would like to take to learn these topics and understand them clearly.


This approach saves you time and enables us to focus on teaching you important aviation related topics when you come to attend our course.


We give you ample time to digest all the new AVIATION related information taught during the course!


During this time, we not only would have cover the required theory without  cramming them into a 4-5 days intensive Inclass RePL program, we let you have more stick time with our trainers enabling you obtain your COMPULSORY 5 hours of required flight time.


A quality approach to training makes it easier to pass your exams & your practical flight test with ease!

Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)

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