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Ace Aviation Price Changes 2019

From 1st January 2019, Ace Aviation will be changing the prices and features for all our courses.

All our Inclass courses (Bronze, Gold & Platinum) would include the Certificate III in Aviation as a part of Ace Aviation’s initiative to develop highly skilled pilots graduating from Ace Aviation Aerospace Academy.

Our new prices can be found on our courses page and also below:

Basic Course is now called RePL Online! Prices have remained the same for this course.

Bronze Course is now called RePL Inclass! Prices have remained the same for this course. We do however now offer the Cert III for this course.

Silver Course is now cheaper at just $2995. This course is now online with 2 days in class.

Gold course is now cheaper at just $3695. We’ve also included the Cert III in this course.

Platinum is now $4995. The complete package now includes Sub 25kg Type Training.

Got any questions about our new prices or whats included? Give us a call or chat today online. You can view our updated prices here.

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