Disruptive Technology- Drones at Work

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Have you ever wondered why drones have become the talk of the town?


Over the past few years, drone technology has become more and more advanced enabling businesses to adopt it for commercial applications ranging from asset inspection, surveying, aerial photography to preparing simple reports for their clients!

In the past year alone, more than a thousand businesses have realised the importance of adapting this new technology to give them the competitive edge in the market!


Clearly, this disruptive technology is changing the way we do business today.


If you are interested to find out;

  • What Drone technology is all about?
  • The rules and regulations set by CASA.
  • How you can become a commercial operator?
  • How to implement drone technology into your business with out breaking the bank!
  • Funding options available to you.
  • And much more….

This free professional development seminar is for you!


Click the button below to register today and secure your spot.


4pm – 7pm local time for each location


Thur., 27 February 2020 (Brisbane)

Tue., 3 March 2020 (Sydney)

Mon., 30 March 2020 (Perth)

Thur., 12 March 2020 (Melbourne)


Griffith Nathan Campus, Nathan, QLD, 4111

Eltham College, 1660 Main Rd, Research VIC 3095

AIBTGlobal Campus, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney NSW 2127

Proof is in the numbers

Australia is  becoming a global leader when it comes to effective licensing and regulation of commercial Remotely Pilot Aircraft System (RPAS) operations.

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