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Drone Pilot Training for schools

Over the past 5 years, the adaptation of drones/RPAS in schools has grown rapidly across Australia. This disruptive technology has endless use cases and supports STEM. One of our specialities is enabling the integration of drone into schools with ease!

We have tailored solutions for both schools and school teachers which enables them to easily introduce drone pilot training into schools without worrying about the hassle of obtaining various permits and approvals from the regulating bodies.

Our turn key solution provides everything you need to be able to successfully introduce a tailored drone pilot training program that suits your needs.

Such programs comes with a range of benefits such as boosting student’s ATAR, obtaining a licence and a vocational qualification which lasts for a life time.

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Schools can choose the following programs to be delivered:

Ace Aviation’s Drone program is designed specifically to includes all aspects of integrating drone into schools.


We provide training the trainer (TTT) programs which enables a trainer to be fully equipped with all the knowledge they require to successfully deliver the course. The TTT program will successfully get a trainer fully qualified to run the course in a complaint manner.


In addition, we also assist schools in setting up a centre of excellence for unmanned systems within the school. We look after everything a school needs to be able to deliver the program from scratch

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