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Upskill yourself for the future workforce

Get up to a 30% grant towards your course

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What is this Grant all about?

Ace Aviation has taken the initiative to assist students to help align with the futuristic work practices within their current industry or enable them to find pathways to a new career.


This means that you are now able to secure a grant on our courses if you meet the eligibility criteria.

How does it work?

If you are interested to apply for the grant, please use the eligibility checker form above.


Once you are deemed eligible, we will put you in touch with a career consultant at Ace Aviation. You will work closely with the career consultant and focus on your work experience, strengths and preferences to arrive at a conclusion on which course is right for you!


Finally, your career consultant will work with you to advice you on a favorable pathway for you to choose from. During this time, the career consultant will advise you of the eligible grant amount prior to your enrolment with us!

*Indicated prices are subjected to grant type eligibility and does not reflect the final course fee payable by students.

Meet your student support team

Mark Vis

Trainer/Academic Support

Meet Mark! He is one of our experienced trainers who can help you anytime fom 9am-9pm Mon-Sun with anything related to your study. You can ring him up to clarify any doubts you may have with your course to setting up One - on - One zoom meeting to clarify your doubts to help you pass your course!

Richard Agtarap

Sales & Student Support

Meet Richard, he can help with anything sales related such as: upgrading your course, payment plans etc.

Leon Tomlinson


Meet Leon, he can help with anything technical related to your portal or website, password resets, broken pages, issuing student emails, student ID cards, Altitude+ benefits. Can be contactable on the number below.

Penny Peng

Finance Officer

Meet Penny, our finance officer. She can help with anything finance related such as: setting up payment plans, issuing refunds, invoices, etc.

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