Aerial Mapping and Surveying Course

  • QLD & NSW
  • Last Update: 11/2019

Course Description

This course is the best move for those who seek to incorporate Drones/RPAS/UAV’s for Mapping and Surveying into their business.

Boasting an impressive productivity boost, the latest technology and software are incorporated into this innovative workflow, this course will get you from the theory on photogrammetry, how sensors work to provide vital data for post processing, moving on to how acquiring data sets through automated missions on different RPA platforms, and post processing software to produce 2D and 3D deliverables.

The breakdown:

  • Theory
  • Practical- 2Hrs of flight training
  • Field tests

Why this Specialisation?

This specialization is the Industry’s first & only program to equip you with all the licences, certifications & training available to incorporate a consistent workflow into the surveying/mapping process.

After completion of this course you can:

  • 3D map different terrain and assets
  • Process and analyse data sets obtained through enhanced automated flight plans
  • Provide Ground Control Points to your data sets

What are the outcomes?

  • Sub 7kgs type training on a fixed wing RPA
  • Terra Mapper/Botlink software training
  • Certificate of course completion

What do we teach?

  • Photogrammetry theory
  • Photogrammetry accuracy
  • Drone mapping/surveying planning apps, the online/cloud-based and desktop software aerial imagery processing applications.
  • Flight plan/deployment
  • ground control points layout
  • Practical module with multi-rotor and fixed wing drones mapping a site
  • Mapping data upload on terra mapper/botlink? software
  • Processing data on terra mapper/botlink? software
  • Data analytic and reporting tools

Why choose Ace?

Ace Aviation Aerospace Academy has been commissioned to cater to both domestic & international students who come to train with us from all over the world.

Quality & compliance is paramount to us and we go that extra mile to make it happen.

  • All our trainer’s come from aviation background and are highly experienced! (From manned aircraft pilots to Aerospace engineers.)
  • Our teaching is not just limited to covering CASA’s syllabus.
    • We teach you how to Flight Planning (Risk management for VLOS operators)
    • How to use state of the art EFB, Oz runways.
    • How to stay complaint during day to day operations.
    • Teach you how to make REAL radio calls to the control tower (our manned flight experience)
    • Provide you with the “Free refreshers class option” where you can come and join our regular classes for free if you are in doubt.
    • Student pricing on Drones which no one else offers.


  • Terra Mapper/Botlink software training
  • Certificate of course completion


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